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Future of ICT 2020+

The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs wanted to contribute thought leadership to the WCIT 2010 (17th World Congress on Information Technology) and engaged the DTN in building future scenarios for ICT and the Internet in 2020.

We interviewed 33 remarkable people from USA, India, Japan, China and Europe, including the “fathers of the Internet” and Vice President of Google, Vint Cerf, and Bob Kahn.

A global scenario process to understand how ICT and the Internet will evolve over the next 10 years. The project serves as a template to structure governmental policy and investment decisions in ICT innovations programs, etc. and as thought leadership for the WCIT 2010. The final scenarios formed the basis of the keynote of the Minister of Economic Affairs and an official publication.

DTN ICT scenario presented by Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs Maria van der Hoeven in 2010. The scenario presentation is viewable from 2.33 onwards.

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