Digital Thinking Network

For more than 20 years The DTN has been a leading specialist consultancy in scenario thinking, leadership and innovation. We provide scenario planning, strategic transformation processes, innovative learning and early learning systems to support strategic decision-making.  These processes have led to breakthrough strategies, new patents, and outwardly focused businesses.

Strategic initiatives based on DTN scenarios have facilitated € 400 million in additional profit for DTN clients since 2001. For commercial clients DTN scenarios and NewsConsole advanced analytics have anticipated the 2014 Oil Price Collapse in 2012. Additionally we anticipated the global financial crisis (in early 2006) for a multi-national bank- two years before it happened. Other scenario processes anticipated recent Chinese Economic shift, New Technologies in the Future of Energy, etc.

Scenarios are stories that could happen and surprise us. They don’t predict what will happen, but challenge our assumptions. They ask what we will do if the unexpected happens. Scenarios prepare us for the unthinkable…

Our clients are global companies, central banks and governments seeking new insights, innovation, and strategic breakthroughs for example: Shell, Sanoma, Rabobank, Mitsubishi Sumitomo Insurance, Telenor, Nokia, Vodafone, Schlumberger, Baker Hughes, Van Gogh Museum, KPN,  City of Rotterdam, The Dutch Ministries of- Foreign Affairs, Economic Affairs, Infrastructure and Environment, etc.

Among our recent projects: Future of Insurance 2025+, How will Society Exchange Value in 2025+, The Future of Digital Civilization 2030+, Future of The Future of Money in 2020, The Future of Learning 2015+, The Future of Education in 2020, The Future of ICT in Financial Services 2020+,  The Future of Mobile Internet/Commerce, Future of Cities, Future of Governance.

The DTN has helped clients anticipate:
• 2014 oil price collapse (anticipated in a set of scenario processes for a OFS company in early 2011)
• a major global financial crisis (anticipated in large scale scenario process for a early 2006)
• a surge in oil prices to $70+ when oil was selling at $23 (anticipated for largest energy user in the Netherlands in 2003)
• the failure of WAP and the rise of WiFi, the success of SMS and of Skype (anticipated for a telecoms operator in the end 2000/1)
• the impact of terrorism on the airline industry nine months before 9/11 (2000)
• delays in 3G telephony deployment, the emergence of TV on the web, YouTube (2002/3)
• the rise of the Internet
• the recession following the crash, etc.
Among the DTN’s unique features:

A tailor-made approach Only customized methods can create value by enhancing competitive competencies for a fast changing world.

Cutting-edge thinking and experience Cutting-edge theories grounded in 20 years of practical business experience to trigger scenario planning learning processes that are challenging and sustainable.

Technological Innovation The DTN’s proprietary big data analytical platform the NewsConsole, enables a breakthrough in strategic scenario planning by building data driven scenarios based on a corpus of millions of news sources.  Data driven scenario thinking complements and informs traditional scenario thinking- to combine the best of both worlds.

Deep Interviews more than a decade of interviewing 1000+ remarkable people from presidents to philosophers, CEOs to artists on 4 continents have given us and our clients remarkable insight into the human condition as we collectively shape the future.

Multi-disciplinary, global team. Our staff and project partners have diverse national, educational and professional backgrounds giving the DTN global scope and the facility for a multifaceted approach into a wide range of topics.