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Future of retailing, mature markets 2015+ (KONE)

Adding value to clients’ business through scenarios

KONE is an industry leader in elevators and escalators, and active in 40 countries. Continuous, imaginative research and development is considered one of its greatest strengths. In 2004, KONE R&D sponsored a pan-European workshop to look at the changing retail sector. It brought together designers, financiers, developers, and key clients of KONE. It was an unusual move: an R&D department that wanted to understand the business of the company’s clients better and see where it can add value. The workshop took place in London at the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufacturers and Commerce, and led to a First Glance Scenario. The investigation into the Driving Forces was supported by interviews and learning journeys with retail concept developers from New York to academics in Barcelona and property developers in London.

From the Driving Forces and Uncertainties

Climate change and sustainable development: As climate change accelerates, it is likely that mature markets will gain increased awareness and find consumer preference for products and services that are mindful of environmental impacts.

Digitisation: Products will become smarter; modes of transportation in the retail space will have a more significant virtual and transparent component; holographic projection technology, digital ink and clothing integrated computers will create an environment in retail space where surfaces resonate and function as a computer interface.

Privacy: With information-gathering technologies everywhere, the trading of personal data could soon encounter a backlash. The emergence of an entirely new economic sector, one devoted to privacy assurance industry may be a future plausibility.