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Large Scale Learning

It is challenging to think-beyond-business-as-usual to create strategic scenarios. But creating them with a group of 6-12 people is much easier than communicating them to hundreds of employees and engaging them in critical findings about the future. Scenario projects often have a huge impact on team members who develop the scenarios. To extend the impact to the rest of the organisation the findings must be effectively disseminated and shared. For scenarios to contribute to organisational learning, these insights must be brought to the rest of the organisation.

An effective approach to this is large scale learning events in which 40 to 1,000 people can participate. At the DTN we believe learning must go beyond one-to-many presentations and group discussions of abstract topics. We therefore design artistic, experiential and creative ways of working that give spontaneous results – results that sometime surprise even the creators. Because participants will be working with low-skill-high-sensitivity concepts, they don’t have to be clever performers; they only have to be open to participation. This gives the DTN large scale events a different feel than large gatherings that are common elsewhere today.