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Early Learning Systems

The challenge of an exponential increase in datasets will only get worse. Datasets will be larger, unstructured, and knowledge will be derived from novel connections between needles in different haystacks. NewsConsole is an integrated Big Data Analysis System focussed on analysing and visualising very, very large unstructured text datasets into a platform. This platform is not built to replace people but rather to humanise big data analytics by putting toolsets into the hands of business practitioners.

In Strategic Services NewsConsole underpins what we call Early Learning Systems that support global strategic analysts. Every hour it performs a webscale crawl to ingest millions of sources of structured and unstructured news including mainstream news, social media, think-tank reports, CEO speeches, academic articles, patents, etc. These articles are read in multiple languages and NEWSCONSOLE enables its users to search, monitor and track any trend as a theme- in any language.

Underneath the system is web-scale a big data architecture that is in its 6th generation.
It processes millions of global sources of “news” including mainstream news, bogs, think tank reports, publications, open patents, licensed databases, etc. These news articles is matched against a database of more than a million people, institutions/places, technical terms, & sentiment to view the people and institutions behind a topic, hotspots, shifts in sentiment and underlying technologies being used.

These topics are visualised in a secure web browser in a modern cloud architecture, that require no installation at the client premises. The client can have the system up and running with minimal set-up.
All web-crawling, harvesting,maintenance, archiving, tuning of learning algorithms, incremental updates, etc is done in a ISO 2005 bank level secure facility inside the second fastest Internet exchange in the world, on EU jurisdiction, and encrypted with AES 256 certified by NetworkSolutions.