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Gerard Fransen

At DTN, Gerard is an associated partner involved in promoting and developing the NewsConsole, as well as scenario planning projects.

Gerard is trained as a lawyer and has a professional background in banking. He worked for MeesPierson, Citibank and Rabobank , primarily as a senior manager in the area of securities services (global custody, clearing & settlement) and trade finance. At Rabobank Nederland he spent the last 6 years as an executive director responsible for (retail) product development and product management. This included the whole range of securities, payment, insurance and mortgage products. During these years, he was involved in both the acquisition as the sale of Alex Beleggingsbank by Rabobank, as well as the driving force behind the creation of Orbay, the stand alone securities services subsidiary of Rabobank.

Gerard has been member of market advisory committees at Euronext, Unico (the umbrella company for European cooperative banks) and the European Association for Cooperative Banks. In all these committees topics related to the harmonisation and consolidation of the European financial infrastructure were discussed.

After leaving the banking sector in 2011, Gerard lived in the UK until the end of 2012 and worked as the CEO in a recruitment firm, to which firm he is still connected as a non-executive director.