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Saskia Nijs

Saskia spend most of her career in developing organisations to a more innovative and customer focused behaviour.  After graduating in European Studies at the University of Amsterdam, she worked mainly for international organisations in innovative technology. She was part of the daily board of Internet Society in the early days of the rise of the Internet. Her skills are in leadership, marketing communications, people development and creativity and innovation. Her idea is that if organisations will free the energy, skills and creativity of its people, their ability to adapt and change is increasingly higher.  This means that organisations will change from a situation where ‘less is more’ to and approach where ‘more is more’. With her experience of the New World of Work, she bring a new, innovative approach to talent management and leadership.

Her skill is to design and implement complex processes by engaging the people and have the change come from within the people and organisation.  Her result driven but at the same time empathic approach ensures long term success. It’s the people that make your organisations successful and customers loyal! Besides her consultancy work for DTN, she is active in the Dutch education market where she wants to reshape the school system. She is also part of an international network Pyramids to pancakes. that is focusing on a new world and leadership of the future.

Saskia Nijs was born in the Netherlands in 1971, lives with her partner in Amsterdam and has twin daughters in the age of 8.

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