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In business and management, we commonly use language to describe or represent reality. But, much of our mind does not have ready access to language. In order to engage deeper thinking about the future, the DTN complements the use of language with imagination and play to represent reality. We use techniques from cutting-edge research in cognitive sciences, theories about play and expressive arts.

What will be displayed at the World Expo in ten years? How will we get around in the future – what modes of transport can we envision? Will places of learning look dramatically different in the future? How does a digital oil-field work and how is it different from today’s operations? We can explore questions like these through 3D modeling, using simple tools, such as modeling clay, to give rich expression to our thoughts and ideas.

Shifting from a purely analytical approach, the DTN brings other facets of our being into engagement. We recognize the importance of using both body and mind to channel reason and intuition into play when working with the future. We design sessions to involve people in serious play and to unleash their creative capacities for envisioning the future.

Our experience shows that this dramatically increases the depth and the intensity of the strategic insights that are gained. The abstract becomes real in a totally new way and is unique to each session.