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Daniel Erasmus

Daniel is the founder and director of the DTN, which he established in 1996. He pioneered the use of scenarios to facilitate in-depth dialogue about the changing information society and its impact on organisations, work and societies. Since 1996, he has conducted scenario processes for DTN’s global clients, facilitating more than a 100 scenario sets on a range of topics: from the future of organisations, future of governance, economic affairs, to the future of learning. Taking a creative and multifaceted approach to scenario-driven strategy, Daniel has built the DTN’s repertoire of innovative products and services unique to the firm.

Daniel was born in Cape Town, South Africa and currently lives in Amsterdam with his wife Elisabeth and three young daughters and son. In addition to his consulting work, he is a Visiting Professor at the Ashridge Business School (London), and a Fellow at The Rotterdam School of Management. As a lecturer he has taught scenario thinking to more than a 1000 corporate executives and post-graduate MBA students at companies and business schools, ranging in site from Helsinki to Cape Town, and from Paris to Seoul. He has authored three columns and three books. Among them are the column The Information Society in the Financial Times Review; A common language for strategy, an article in the 1999 Financial Times Mastering series. Books include a case history, the Rabobank scenarios The Future of Financial Services and the 2010 WCIT keynote publication.

Known for his fine palate, his love for the Japanese cuisine is surpassed only by his passion for his family.

Email Daniel at: daniel AT dtn.net